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Motion Detector

$99.99 Plus TAX

The motion detector has a coverage area of 40 feet by 56 feet, and a recommended mounting height of between 7 feet and 9 feet. Optimal mounting height for pet immunity, up to 80 pounds, is 7 feet 6 inches. Add-Ons can not purchased without the purchase of smart security package. Only need to purchase an add-on give us a call: 1-800-756-8672



The motion detector is a wireless passive infrared motion sensor which uses encrypted wireless protocol to communicate securely with the panel. It has an attractive, modern design with a rounded lens that fits unobtrusively into any decor. A new feature of this wireless PIR motion, which differentiates it from its predecessors, is that the motion is only active when the system is armed. The addition of this feature will significantly extend battery life. This motion has both a back tamper, to alert you if the device is removed from its mounting location, and a cover tamper, and they report independently of one another. It can be mounted flat to the wall, or corner mounted, and as with all passive infrared motion detectors, which sense motion by detecting changes in ambient temperature across the detection pattern, should not be mounted near, or facing, sources of air movement or rapid temperature change, such as heating vents, air conditioners, central air intake vents, ceiling fans, or large areas of glass with direct exposure to the sun.