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Glass Break Detector

$99.99 Plus TAX

The glass break detector specially designed to be a discreet glass break. If you need to protect a room full of windows, then the glass break detector is the device you've been looking for today. Add-Ons can not purchased without the purchase of smart security package. Only need to purchase an add-on give us a call: 1-800-756-8672



The glass break detector uses a 2.4GHz WIFI signal to communicate bi-directional, encrypted RF transmissions between the sensor and the alarm panel. This means the sensors are able to speak back and forth to the panel and constantly update battery life, RF signal strength and possibly more in the future. The 128-bit AES encryption is the first in class for peripheral sensors and offers advanced supervision protocols. The glass break detector compact disk-shaped housing offers a sleek and convenient installation in contrast to its bulky predecessor. There is a still the standard 25 foot radius of glass break protection. However now there are LEDs built into the device for testing and enrolling purposes.