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Door/Window Contact

$49.99 Plus TAX

The door/window contact is the first fully encrypted, bi-directional wireless door/window contact using 128-bit AES encryption for increased protection against RF jamming and hacking. Add-Ons can not purchased without the purchase of smart security package. Only need to purchase an add-on give us a call: 1-800-756-8672



Forget about worrying about your wireless alarm system being hacked. The door/window contact is a compact solution to a growing concern around wireless alarm system hacking. Forget the wires and jump into the future without sacrificing your security and “peace of mind.” There is a built-in reed switch for wireless protection and a pair of screw terminals inside the device designed to integrate a wired contact. You can setup two separate zones or choose just one. The most common application is the fully wireless option. There is a maximum spacing gap of one inch between magnet and reed switch. This means when the door/window is closed the magnet must be within this distance. You can also hard wire a Normally Closed (NC) contact to the door/window contact.